Which is your favourite book? Black owned bookstore

One day in the early 2000s, I was visiting a friend of mine at her mother’s home in Kolkata, India, and I spotted a small bookshop tucked away in a small corner of a building.

I thought it must be a shop selling books and it was, but it was an all-black one.

It had a small window that let you look at the shelves and read.

A black woman stood there reading her book in front of me, and the only sign of the owner was a single letter, ‘B’.

The shop had a bookshop and a library, and she was one of the owners.

It was a book shop, not a library.

I couldn’t believe it.

She had taken a book off the shelves, put it in a bag and handed it to me, saying it was for me, her son.

She told me to pick it up and she handed it back to me with a note saying, ‘Don’t worry.

It is here.

Take it.’. 

She was talking about a book called The Black Hand, by Laila S. Khan.

This book was written in 1947 and is about a family of slave labourers who had been living in a mud house for over a year when they were taken captive by the British.

The book tells the story of how the family, including their son, are forced to work for a British plantation owner.

It tells how the slaves work, how they die and how they are rescued.

This is the book I have come to know and love.

It has been a source of inspiration to me for many years.

It became the first black owned black bookshop in the country and is still going strong. 

The bookshop, now in its sixth generation, is known for selling books about the lives of the slave labourer families.

It started selling books in 2006 and has since grown to sell books on all the different facets of slavery.

The books are sold in bookshops that are usually located in the inner-city and the city outskirts, but are also available in small towns. 

Black owned bookshacks have existed for centuries, but today they are becoming more visible.

There are more than two million booksholes in India, but most of them are located in rural areas and small towns where they are more accessible. 

Recently, bookshole owners have been in the news for selling black-owned books. 

In October 2016, the Supreme Court ordered that booksholves be shut down in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

In May 2017, a Supreme Court judge in Tamil Nadu ordered that black owned books and books that have been sold to booksholas be banned from sale in book shops. 

But there are no laws against black owned publishers or bookshoes. 

“We are a small business.

We have to operate according to the laws of the land,” said D.V. Sreenivasa, who owns Black-owned Bookshop, located in Mumbai.

“There are no big problems.

People in India are just reading books, but not buying books.” 

He said his shop has a large selection of books for the black population in India and the bookshop has sold books to students and the unemployed. 

Sreenivasu told The Huffington Post India, “I am an honest and trustworthy person.

I do not sell books that are sold by bookshoers.

The customers want to read.

I don’t want them to buy anything from me.” 

In the bookseller’s shop, there is a lot of pride in the books sold.

“We have a book on slavery, but we don’t sell slaves.

The students are reading books.

We don’t have anything to sell them,” he said. 

A year ago, Sreeni and his wife bought a book about their own life and the struggles they had faced.

They sold it in the bookshoe and have been trying to keep the book going for years.

They have bought books from black bookshots in cities like Kolkatta, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Hyderabad. 

Today, they are trying to expand the book shop in their small town in Kolar district. 

‘It was an act of love’ “It was a love act,” said Sreenvi.

“She was selling books for my son.

We thought we had made a mistake.

I didn’t know that people were reading books in book stores and were buying books from them.

I did not know about books being banned or books being sold by people.” 

‘There was no way she could have been doing this for such a long time’ He told HuffPost India, “She used to sell her books to us for Rs 2,000, which was an ordinary amount for that time.

We didn’t have much money then.” 

Seena Sreenikar’s father owned a book store in Kalinga, Karn

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