Emory University bookstore gets new space

Emory has signed a lease with a new location in downtown Seattle that will have more than 2,000 square feet of retail space, an art gallery, a restaurant, and a fitness center.

The space will open in October 2019.

The company said that the lease agreement will give the university the ability to build out its library and store while it focuses on research and development.

Emory will be the first university in the country to get such a large store space, Emory President David A. Wirtz said in a statement.

“We look forward to collaborating with Emory on our future projects and our long-term plan.”

The university has not yet announced when it plans to open the new location, but the new space will be closer to Emory’s campus than a large campus store, Wirty said.

The Emory bookstore will have a main entrance, a gift shop, a coffee shop, and more, Emories vice president of research and innovation, Mike Linn, said in an email.

The bookstore will be about a third the size of the store in Seattle, which currently has more than 400 spaces, he said.

Emories bookstore will also have a lounge and bar area, Linn said.

“This new location will allow us to build on the library and enhance our campus experience,” he said, adding that it will be more like a traditional bookstore.

Emerson University is the only university in Emory, located in northeastern Tennessee, that has its own campus bookstore, Wurtz said.

He said the new bookstore will give Emory “a better sense of scale and scale of our bookstore.”

The store will be Emory College’s first campus bookstore.

The college has two other locations, one in College Park, Maryland, and one in Madison, Wisconsin.

“Our goal is to build a bookstore that will be a destination for students, faculty, and staff,” Wurt.

said in the statement.

The new space, which will include a bar, will open the university’s Emory Center for Contemporary Arts, a center that is used by the library.

It will also house a library with a focus on African American, Latino, and female authors, Woltz said, who added that Emory students will be able to “interact with and read from the works of other Emory faculty and students.”

He said there will also be space for other events, including a “book fair” with artists and booksellers, a lecture series, and an exhibit.

The university is currently trying to open up a third Emory location.

“With the recent acquisition of our former campus bookstore and the opening of our new space in Seattle’s Pike Street District, we are focused on creating an exciting, multi-purpose, and open space for Emory to continue our research and scholarship on the African American community,” Wirtze said.

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