How to Make a New Book with Unabashed Atheism

How to make a new book with unabashed atheism, and how to get your book featured on the Amazon bestseller list.

The book is called Unabaced Atheism and it is a celebration of a new kind of atheism.

I am a former atheist, but I am still a Christian.

I’m not afraid of God.

Atheists and theists, of course, have a lot in common.

Atheism is a religion of love and hope, but also a religion where people can be free to choose what they believe, and the freedom to believe is often not the freedom that we want.

There is a reason why I consider myself an agnostic: I have never had to choose between my faith and my love for humanity.

There’s a reason that I consider the word “atheist” a misnomer.

I consider this a religious belief, and that is a deeply human, but still human, belief.

And yet, as an atheist, it seems to me that many of us are afraid of that possibility.

What I am doing is saying to those of us who are religious that this isn’t just an illusion.

It’s a choice that we can make.

And as long as we are willing to be honest about that choice, and admit that there is no such thing as a non-believer in this world, then there is nothing that we as Christians or atheists can do to make this choice less painful.

So what I am saying to the people who are not believers in this universe, what I’m saying is this: There are atheists who are just as open to this possibility as there are Christians, just as many atheists are as open as Christians are to the possibility that they might be wrong, just like many Christians are open to the idea that God exists, just the same.

And that’s what we need to make the choice.

Atheist and agnostic beliefs are not mutually exclusive, and in the end, there is only one God, so the choices we make should be our own.

But we need not be afraid to have those beliefs in front of us, and to stand up and say to those who do not believe in the existence of God, that it is time to change your mind.

And when that happens, you can always be open to God.

There are many more reasons to believe in God than just faith, and it’s time for all of us to embrace our humanism, our human freedom, our humanity, and our hope for humanity to flourish in this great new world.

The American Atheists’ new book is titled Unabacked Atheism: Why We Believe in God.

It is available for purchase on

The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of Dr. William Lane Craig.

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