‘I am a Geek’: Geekery is alive and well in New York City

It’s not just that the bookstores have the same space as their local equivalents.

It’s that they’re both filled with geeky merchandise.

It can be a great way to meet other fans, especially if you’ve got a nerd in your life.

And the shops are full of cool products and items.

I went shopping at the Geekery in Manhattan on Thursday, the Geekette in Brooklyn, the New York Geek Store in Long Island City, and the Geekx bookstore in Brooklyn.

I got a pair of geeky earbuds, and a few books from the New Yorker, Geeky Geek magazine, and Geek magazine.

A little geeky: Geeky geek magazine in Brooklyn with a tattered cover (and that cover is so good, it’s worth $50).

The Geeky-geek logo, printed on the back.

A book from Geeky Nerd magazine.

A Geeky Gecko print.

A pair of earbud earphones from Geekx.

A cool geek hat from Geekzie GeekyGeek.

In Brooklyn, there’s a Geeky Geeks shop.

At the NewYorkGeekStore, which I visited on Thursday morning, I spotted two books from a different Geek magazine: The Geekery’s Geeky Girl Guide and Geeky Gamer Girl Guide.

The Geekgirl Guide features geeky videos, which are awesome if you’re into geeky stuff, and geeky fashion, which is awesome if your a geek and love fashion.

The Gamer Girl guide is more a guide to women, but the title is cute and a bit girly.

You can also find geeky-themed clothing at Geekx, a bookstore in the Bronx.

There’s a cute black dress with a geeky bow on it.

I’m not a fan of the bow, but it was cute.

A cute t-shirt.

A black dress.

A dress with an orange shirt and a bow on the front.

And a book that has the title “Why Geeky People Are My Best Friends.”

The Geekx store also has a lot of Geeky Girls and Geekzies, including a cute teddy bear that I got on sale for $20.

The Geekygeek store is located at 1455 West 14th Street, in the East Village.

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