How to help save Providence College bookstore from collapse

Posted September 09, 2018 07:29:03 The last time Providence College’s bookstore was sold for the last time was two years ago, and it’s not even a decade since the bookstore shuttered.

Now, the school is seeking to preserve its history and tell its story online.

The school’s former owner, Peter Nocera, is no longer active in the business and its owners have since sold the bookstore to a local publisher.

But Noceria and his wife, Anna, want to reopen the store and keep the story alive.

“We’re trying to get the story told to the world,” said Nocerie.

“It’s really hard to do, because we are an institution that was founded as a university and a community, and that has to be preserved and put back into the community.”

Peter Noceras bookstore closed in 2016The store closed its doors in December 2016 and Anna Nocerbas Nocericas, a local business owner, took over.

“My husband Peter is a really great guy,” Anna Nacera said.

“I just love the business.

He’s really invested in the store, and I think he would love to continue to do that.”

Now, they want to keep the bookshop alive and have it restored.

“The store has a great story to tell, and to have a story to continue telling,” Nocerey said.

The Nocers are asking for help in getting the store open and the bookstore’s website,, to be re-established as an online resource.

“In a sense, we are trying to create an online repository of all of our history and all of the history of the bookstore,” Naceria said.

A lot of people have come to us and expressed an interest in helping us to save it.

So we are asking people to share the information that we have, and we hope to keep this book going.

“The Naccers are looking to raise $10,000 to purchase a piece of land on which they can rebuild the store.”

This is just the beginning, this is just a small part of our project,” Anna said.

Peter Nascario has donated $25,000 in the past to Providence College to help get the bookstore up and running again.”

If we don’t do it, we won’t be able to do it,” Anna added.”

To help save the store is really important, so I’m really excited to help this happen.

“Peter’s donation has raised more than $30,000, but the money has been used to purchase about 10,000 square metres of land in North West Melbourne.

Peter said his gift of money is the most valuable he’s ever given to a cause.”

There are a lot of things that go into a good book, but it really comes down to what you do with the book,” he said.

He has donated the land to a non-profit group called the University of Melbourne Library Trust.”

So we hope that we can use that money to help preserve the history and the library in the city and in Melbourne,” Anna explained.”

And I think it’s important to the city to keep a library in Melbourne.

“Anna said she and Peter have been working with the University’s library to try to preserve the library’s history.”

One of the things we are going to try and do is to try really to preserve what the library is all about,” she said.

Anna said the store will reopen once the school’s student union reopens next year, but that the university would still need to fund the project.”

The bookstore is still a very important part of Providence College, and the future of the institution depends on it.””

So I think if they were to open the school up again, that’s a very exciting thing.”

“The bookstore is still a very important part of Providence College, and the future of the institution depends on it.”

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