Boulder bookstore to open online, hire online employees

Boulder bookstore bookstores will open online in September 2018 with an online workforce.

Boulder Booksellers will also hire employees online through an online hiring platform, which includes more than 700 bookstores and book clubs across the state, said Amy St. Cyr, president and CEO of Boulder Booksells.

She said the company has hired more than 6,000 full-time employees through the hiring platform since the company’s founding in 2016.

The company said it will also begin offering in-person bookstores on Aug. 1, 2019.

The Boulder Bookstores online hiring process was developed in conjunction with Colorado State University and the Colorado Springs City Council, said St. Cy.

“It’s a very innovative way for Boulder to be able to hire online,” St. Ercy said.

“In addition to having our own staff and having a real relationship with the Boulder Book Store, we have a real understanding of what’s out there and how to work with that.”

The Boulder store will open in 2018, with opening date in 2021, St. Cercy said, adding that Boulder Book Stores is seeking to open all locations in the next four to five years.

The online hiring website is expected to launch in September, St, Cyr said.

She said the hiring of an online team will allow the company to better support the Boulder community, which she said has become “increasingly engaged online.”

“We are not only expanding the capabilities of the Boulder bookstores but also offering a number of opportunities for Boulder residents to access the store,” St Cyr said, noting that the Boulder location will be able use its own website to showcase books, as well as social media and live events.

Boulders Bookstore is currently located at 3115 E. Third Ave.

in Boulder, and St. Circy said it has a large library.

“We have a huge selection of books, we’re a community-oriented business and we’re open to being more inclusive in our hiring practices,” she said.

The bookstore also has locations in other parts of the state including the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University Medical Center and the University Health Center.

The store has been a leader in digital bookselling since the 1990s, St Cyr noted.

“We’re a leader when it comes to digital booksellers, and we’ve seen the benefits of that over time,” she added.

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