rcc shop owners say they will refuse to reopen despite ‘overwhelming’ demand

RCC store owners have told News24 they will not reopen their doors after a wave of angry customers refused to stock up on the stock.

“The customers were very angry and upset with the situation.

They are not happy with the current situation, so we will not be opening our doors.

We will not open tomorrow.

They will come back in a few days,” RCC Shop owner Dragan Zadar said.

“It’s the only way we can handle it.

We are not doing it because it’s the right thing to do.

We have to protect the store from people,” he added.

He said he was “very happy” to be the only one remaining who remained open.

He has been trying to open the store since last week but has had no luck.

Earlier this week, he told News23 he was hoping to reopen next week.

“We are open but not in the shops yet,” he said.

“People want to come and buy food and drink.

We can open the shops for people who want to visit,” he explained.

But he said he has had “overwhelming” demand for his store and he has been unable to reopen until the situation is resolved.

“This is the best decision we have made,” he admitted.

Dragan Zdarpny, the owner of RCC, said he had tried to reopen the store as early as last Wednesday but the situation remained “very bad”.

“I have tried everything and I cannot open the doors,” he told us.

He said they had not had enough stock to stock the shelves.

“There are two shelves empty.

I have to do this for three weeks,” he claimed.

RCC Store owner Dragan Zdarsky is frustrated with the “unacceptable situation” in which he lives.

But he claims the decision to shut down the store was the right one.

“I cannot open my doors and I have no choice,” he declared.

The owner of the RCC shop in Sivak, Sivaka.

‘The only way to protect ourselves’The owner said he decided to close his store after having “many conversations” with customers.

“Many people have approached us saying they are unable to come in because of this situation,” he lamented.

“My staff has been doing all the job, but they cannot open their doors,” Dragan said.

“We are the only store in Sivan, where I live, and it is not good.

We cannot open.”

Dragan has asked customers to contact the Sivan-based Red Cross for help.

According to a Facebook post from the Red Cross, the charity was “unable to open our doors due to the current state of the market and the impact the closure will have on our staff and our community”.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our community by this closure,” it added.

Dragan said the store had been open since February.

“Since February, we have been unable open our shop because we cannot find enough stock for the shelves,” he continued.

“Our staff has had to do all the work to make the shelves open.

We did not get any support from the state, so it is very difficult to keep the store open.”

It is hard to open a store when you are not in a position to pay the rent,” he concluded.

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