Which UVM bookstore are you going to pick up your book from?

The next big book on UVM’s library system, The Next Big Book, is now available for purchase.

The book, The Ultimate UVM Library, is an in-depth look at how the university’s library services, the UVM Books Catalog and the Uvm Online Catalog are organized, maintained and updated.

The book was written by UVM Libraries’ director of library and information technology, Mark Johnson, and published in May 2018.

Johnson said the book will help library owners and researchers get a better sense of how the UVA Libraries’ online catalog, UVM Online Library, works.

“In order to provide information that’s useful for the user, we need to make sure the library systems have all the information that they need,” Johnson said.

“It’s a very time-consuming process.”

Johnson said that even though the book is written for library owners, he also hopes it will help users who have been searching for information on the library system’s online catalog.

“What we hope to convey is that, because of the massive size of the UVS Online Catalog, there are so many resources available, so many people searching for the information, there’s no shortage of information,” Johnson explained.

“For those of you who are library owners or library researchers, this book will make it easier to get a sense of what you’re looking at when you’re searching the library and the library catalog,” he added.

The UVM online catalog is available for free for library users, but there is a fee for library researchers.

The UVM books catalog is free to anyone who is a UVM faculty member or staff member.

Johnson noted that libraries have been using UVM libraries’ catalogs for a while now, so he thinks it is likely that the UVPL’s new book will be a big help for library patrons.

“There’s a lot of good information available, and it’s really easy to find,” Johnson told The Next Week.

“We hope it will be useful for libraries.”

The Next Big Books is currently available for $29.95, which includes the book.

UVM has not announced a price yet for the book itself.

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