Which bookstore are you reading now?

The number of books published in the United States each year has grown dramatically, from more than 500,000 in 2009 to more than 2.5 million in 2015.

This year, bookstores will open nearly 1.8 million doors, according to the publisher of the book “The Big Book of Books,” the American Booksellers Association.

While this is great news for booksellers, it is also a source of anxiety for book lovers.

“We are constantly worried about the future of our industry,” said Elizabeth Gee, a managing editor of The Big Book, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping authors and booksells reach new readers.

“It’s important to have the confidence that we can do this.”

The book industry has been struggling for years, and book sales are now falling fast.

Many publishers and authors say that while the book business has been on a steady upward trajectory, the market has changed.

“As a society, we have come to accept that there’s no way to make book sales go up,” said author Dan Brown, a co-author of “The Da Vinci Code.”

“There are only so many times you can have a good story.

And the last thing we need is another crash.”

The number of book sales, however, has risen steadily over the past decade.

The number increased 1.2 percent in the last year to $2.6 billion.

It’s also risen dramatically in recent years, especially in the U.S., with the number of new books reaching nearly 2 million last year.

The book industry now has a market capitalization of $17.5 trillion.

While that is a huge number, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

The book market is also experiencing growth among women.

The average age of a bookseller is 55, and more than 80 percent of booksellings are female, according the American Publishers Association.

In 2015, more than 9 million books were sold in the book market, according a recent study by the publisher, HarperCollins.

While women make up only 3.7 percent of all book buyers, they make up 27 percent of the U-book buyers.

“Book buyers are in the minority,” Gee said.

“But women are growing, and they’re buying books.

The best way to attract them is to give them something good to read.”

To get a better idea of how the book industry is changing, the publisher and the authors have collaborated to compile a list of the 10 best bookstores in the country, with a focus on those that offer affordable prices and excellent customer service.

The list includes:1.

Barnes & Noble: 1,832 locations2.

Random House: 1.1 million locations3.

Simon & Schuster: 1 million locations4.

Simon and Schuster/Penguin: 1m locations5.

Holt Renfrew: 1 m locations6.

Simon’s Notesbooks: 1 mil locations7.

The Nook: 9.4 million locations8.

Amazon: 9 million locations9.

Hachette: 1mil locations10.

B&N: 1 .5 million locationsFor more on the book world, check out:

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