How to be a jerk to a stranger at a bookstore

The art of the “brawl” is being debated, and if you’re a jerk at a book store, you might want to learn how to avoid being a jerk.

Here are the steps to learn the art of being a rude asshole to a bookseller at the library.1.

Read up on the library system.2.

Learn the etiquette of library etiquette.3.

Ask a library official about how they feel about your book.4.

Ask about the book.5.

Learn how to be rude to a library employee.6.

Go on an extended walk to the library to read some books.7.

Find a good book that is not in your local section.8.

Read a book you really enjoy.9.

Go to a local movie theatre.10.

Go for a walk to your favorite neighborhood bookshop.11.

Read your local newspaper to find out what is happening in the city.12.

Go shopping to buy some books for your collection.13.

Go buy a book from a local bookseller.14.

Go online to buy a new book.15.

Go grocery shopping to see if there are any bookshops near you.16.

Read about your local city.17.

Go back to your local bookshop to buy something new.18.

Read the local paper again to find what is going on in the community.19.

Go home.20.

Read and watch a movie to get some ideas about the city you are visiting.21.

Go see a movie in your city.22.

Go out for a meal with your friends.23.

Read some news online about the local area you are currently visiting.24.

Go and get a book signed by the author.25.

Go visit your favorite movie theatre and watch some more movies.26.

Go into a bookshop and buy a copy of a book.27.

Go get a new copy of your favorite book.28.

Read an old book online.29.

Go book shopping to find something new for your library collection.30.

Go pick up some books you love from a thrift store.31.

Go play a video game for a few hours.32.

Go at least one book club with your friend.33.

Read something about your favorite author.34.

Read another book online to find things to learn.35.

Go in your neighborhood book store to buy books.36.

Go a movie theatre in your area.37.

Read books online to read something new to you.38.

Go with your family to a movie theater.39.

Read on the bus to go shopping for books.40.

Go camping and enjoy some food.41.

Go bowling at your favorite bowling alley.42.

Read articles about local events online.43.

Go fishing for a new hobby.44.

Read online for more information about local fish.45.

Go shop online for a good gift for a family member.46.

Read news online for news about local topics.47.

Go grab a book for your new dog.48.

Go eat some food at your local favorite restaurant.49.

Go check out a local bookstore and buy some new books.50.

Go go shopping to pick up a new gift.51.

Go ask your local library for help with some book learning.52.

Go read an online book for some more information.53.

Go watch some movies and go home.54.

Go do some work and relax with some friends.55.

Go take a walk and read some stories.56.

Go try some cooking and cook something interesting.57.

Go have a good time with your neighbors.58.

Go spend some time with family and friends.59.

Go participate in a social gathering.60.

Go enjoy some video games.61.

Go walk a few blocks and play some games with friends.62.

Go hang out with friends and family and go to a new movie theatre with a friend.63.

Go celebrate a big birthday with some new friends.64.

Go meet some new people and have some fun.65.

Go make a date and spend some quality time with new friends and new friends’ friends.66.

Go put on a new pair of shoes and get some new clothes.67.

Go find a new restaurant and sit at a bar for a while.68.

Go attend a party and play video games and have a beer.69.

Go relax at your home and play games with your roommates and your parents.70.

Go work on a project and then sit down at your computer to watch a video.71.

Go plan a trip to see friends and have dinner with them.72.

Go sit at your desk and read a book while waiting for a bus.73.

Go talk to some new book buyers online.74.

Go give a book away to some friends and ask them to share their book collection with you.75.

Go call your local grocery store and ask to have some books donated to your

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