New book on opera by French author says opera isn’t for everyone

NEW YORK — The author of “The Book of the Dead,” a novel about a French orphaned at the hands of the Nazis, said opera isn’ t for everyone and she hoped people would understand the importance of the craft.

The book by Françoise Bernard, published Thursday in French, is about a boy named Pierre who, upon his father’s death, takes up the role of opera master and is soon to embark on a journey to explore France’s most popular music.

Bernard, who has written several other books including a biography of a French poet, was at the opera hall on Thursday for an opening night performance.

The book, which is about four years old, was narrated by an actress who spoke about how her father had been bullied by classmates.

Bernard, who is black, was in the audience during the opening night.

Bernier, whose biography is about the French novelist Louis L’Engle, has said her father was a slave who came to the United States from France as a child.

Bernold is a writer of stories and poetry, and her new book has a dark tone that focuses on the horrors of slavery and the suffering endured by those who were caught up in it.

Bernardo, who plays Pierre, said he was delighted to be onstage and was proud to be the subject of a book by a prominent black writer.

He said his father was an opera enthusiast and he hopes people will learn more about the history of music, not just the history in the U.S. and Canada.

Bernards mother, Jean-Marie Bernard, said the opera world has been welcoming since she heard her son’s voice.

Bernand, who lives in New Orleans, said she has a number of requests for the opera industry to keep working hard and give back.

“We are the heirs of this art and it’s time for us to take it back,” Bernard said.

“It’s time to do something with this history that I love and I’m proud to play a part in.”

Bernard said she is excited to continue the story she has told in her new biography.

“I’m just happy to be able to tell my story,” she said.

Bernhardt said she plans to take her story to a wider audience.

“People can understand the meaning of opera and they will also understand how hard it is to get through life,” she added.

Bernhard said she hopes her story will spark interest in the world of opera in a way that her book hasn’t.

Bernald said her parents, who are still alive, were deeply touched by the experience of reading her book.

She said they read it and they cried a lot and it brought tears to their eyes.

Bernardi said she feels a responsibility to continue her work, and that she is grateful for the support of other people who have shared her story with others.

Bernhart said she’s excited about the book’s release in French.

“For me it’s just about the journey of my story and the journey in my life,” Bernard said.

The Washington Times

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