How to read a new book cover design without ever looking at the book’s cover

A couple years ago, I was reading the cover design for the book by Aaron C. Dickson and Daniel R. Latham, a team of illustrators who have created some of the most gorgeous covers I have ever seen.

The cover design is a striking and memorable example of a “classic” cover design, and I love how the book uses this iconic design to introduce its main characters. 

In the case of the book, the cover uses a simple silhouette of a dog. 

The book’s title is a perfect example of this classic cover design. 

While the book doesn’t use a lot of text, it does utilize the familiar, yet unique and original shape of the dog as the main character. 

Dickson and Latham also created a cover design that uses an iconic shape to highlight the book. 

Both designs feature a familiar, but modern look that makes the book feel like a modern classic. 

I love the simple and classic shape of these covers, and it’s a good example of how the books design can create a nostalgic feeling. 

And while we may not know which one of the two is the more popular design, the book still manages to be both a modern and classic book. 

 This book has been on my shelf for a few months now.

I love it so much. 

(Courtesy of The Author’s Corner) This book also has a lot in common with other modern classic book covers. 

Here are some examples: 1.

A modern, minimalistic design with simple lines and shapes. 

This is the perfect example: The main character in the book has a simple, clean, and minimalistic style, with a minimalistic title and a minimalist, modern look. 


An all-caps, bold and bold-faced design.

This is the most iconic cover design in my book collection: This style is an iconic and unique one that is easily recognized by the number of all-capital letters and numbers. 


An abstract, minimal design with bold shapes.

This design is also very recognizable and memorable, and a classic example of an abstract, minimalist cover design: Here is another example of the classic design, this time with a more modern look:  4.

A very clean and minimal design.

These are the most recognizable cover designs in my books collection:  (Courtesy Of The Author & The Author Corner)  This one is a classic, modern cover design with minimalistic shapes and lines. 

These two cover designs are classic examples of minimalist design, but they are both very recognizable, as well. 


A classic, minimalist design with rounded corners.

This classic, minimal style is easily recognizable by the rounded corners, and the design has a classic look.

(Courtesy of BookShelter) These are both classic examples, but both are still recognizable, especially in the case that they are the only two that are recognizable. 


A simple and bold, geometric design.

Again, these are classic, classic examples that are easily recognizable: (Author’s Corner: BookShelters) 7.

A flat and simple design.

The first two are classic example designs, and they are also recognizable, but this is a very modern example that is easy to recognize by the lack of a line: I like how the author is able to create a minimalist book cover that still works well as a classic book cover, as it also looks and feels very modern and modern. 


A minimalist, geometric style with rounded edges.

Again this is another classic example design, although this one is more modern and contemporary: Another classic example cover design and a modern design:   9.

A minimal, geometric, rounded style.

Again these are the classic examples:  These are classic illustration covers, but the simplicity of the design is one of its main strengths, and you will often see the simplicity in the design. 


An old, modern, geometric shape.

The second example is an old style, but it still looks and has a modern feel to it: You will often find the classic and classic style of a book cover on the same page, and this is one way that the book can create an emotional connection between the reader and its characters. 


A geometric, minimal, modern design with a simple and rounded shape.

Again the design looks modern, but I love the simplicity and the minimalist look of this cover: It has a contemporary feel and feels unique, like a classic design.12.

A bold and classic, geometric illustration design.

Another classic illustration cover design I love:  (Author’s Signature: Author’s Notebook)

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