Why does the UK’s largest bookstore store feel like it’s in a foreign country?

It’s a bookstore in the capital of Singapore that feels like it is in a distant land.

The store has a Chinese logo on the front and a copy of the People’s Daily that looks like it came from the People Power Revolution.

The title is not exactly a headline-grabbing one, but it’s also not a bad title for the bookshop.

“We’ve always tried to make it a little bit more international, so we’ve got a lot of Chinese characters on the cover, which is a nice touch,” says shop owner and local blogger, Anson Chai.

The shop’s location in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district is a big draw for people from all over the world.

“If you’ve ever been to China, you’ll know the difference,” Chai explains.

Chai also works at a Singapore-based tech start-up called iSoft, which makes a lot more products than the average Singaporean company.

It’s a small shop, but the owners have plenty of time to relax, read and make deals.

“There’s a lot to do in a day,” Chau says.

A sign on the door of the shop says it’s for “local customers only.”

The store’s owners are hoping to raise money to build their new store in a nearby shopping mall.

In an attempt to boost the local economy, the store is selling its inventory online and online-only.

There’s also a website that lets people see the inventory on a map and order books, books, and more books.

You can also use the site to order a new book.

As for the store itself, the owners are working on an ambitious new project.

I’ve got this idea for the shop, Chai says, and I’m working on it every day.

What does this bookshop store do?

Chai and her team have a lot in common with a lot who live in China.

They have similar dreams of expanding their business into a new market.

They also have a history of working with foreign governments.

For the past five years, they have been working on a novel idea: a bookstore that is an independent bookstore in Singapore that is not affiliated with any government or political entity.

And the owner is hoping to build a community bookstore to provide an outlet for Singaporeans.

Anson Chait, founder and owner of the book shop.

(Credit: Anson Phan)Anson has a background in the business of selling books.

She was born in China and immigrated to Singapore in 1992.

She has since lived and worked in Singapore for over 25 years.

Chai is originally from the southern Chinese city of Chongqing.

She worked at the bookseller ISoft and has been involved in many projects for Singapore’s government, including the launch of Singapore International Development Institute (SIDA), the largest private sector-funded development program in Asia.

This past May, she founded iSoft with her husband, Anon, and their two children.

We have an idea to build our own independent bookstore, and it’s really exciting to see the community support it,” Anson says.”

We have a strong connection with the Chinese community, and we have this vision to make Singapore a hub for local books and culture.

“”In a way, we are a gateway to China.

I don’t know how we can make this into a real store.

But we are open to ideas,” Anon adds.

After five years of building up a successful business, Anons business started to see a lot change.

He wanted to open a bookstore, but his wife’s business, which also sells other books, wasn’t ready yet.

So, he sold his business to Anson, who started iSoft.

Today, the shop’s owners have expanded their store to three other locations in Singapore and a fourth location in Singapore.

Now, the book store is expanding to Singapore’s main shopping district of Central Singapore, where they’re also selling books for a monthly fee.

Their hope is to make this shop into a local hub for Singaporean literature, too.

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