The #BoulderBooksellers #Bookstore is opening for Black Women on Black Saturday 2018!

The Boulder Booksellers is proud to announce that our new Black bookstore will be located at 2104 S. Main St. in Boulder, Colorado on Saturday, November 13th from 8am to 2pm.

We will be open 24/7, providing Black women and LGBTQ+ bookstores a safe and welcoming space to sell books, and have the opportunity to interact with our readers in a respectful, safe environment.

We are committed to bringing books to Black women, and we want to do it with you in mind.

Bookseller and editor, Lisa M. Anderson, said, “We are thrilled to open a Black bookstore in Boulder.

It will be a safe space for Black women to sell their books, shop, and be heard.” 

“We are proud to open up a Black bookshop in Boulder on Black Friday,” said Amy C. Brown, President and CEO of The Boulder Books, Inc. “We have seen the impact Black bookstores can have on our communities and the wider economy.

We see Black books as an important part of our community and we have an opportunity to provide a welcoming space for women and queer people to sell, and interact with readers.

We want to make this a welcoming place for everyone.” 

Black bookstores are a unique opportunity to connect with our community in a safe environment and have a space to support the work that we do.

Black women sell books and create and promote their art and storytelling.

They also create the space where our community has the opportunity and opportunity to be heard.

Black and queer bookstores help build communities and create a safe, positive environment for all readers. 

Black women are a diverse community, and Black women are disproportionately represented in the book publishing industry.

Black book sales have been shown to have a significant impact on the health, well-being, and educational attainment of Black women. 

We want to thank the City of Boulder for making this possible. 

The Boulder Bookseller is the first bookselling store of its kind in Colorado and one of the first in the country. 

Bookstores are one of Colorado’s most important economic engines, providing jobs, social services, and economic benefits to local communities. 

Boulder has been recognized as the ‘City of Books’ for many years, and the Boulder Bookshop is one of five new bookstores opening in the city this year. 

“Our mission is to provide accessible, affordable, inclusive spaces for Black, queer, and trans people to be together, and to engage in the literary and creative arts,” said Anderson.

“This bookshop will bring a diverse group of people together to have fun and talk about their experiences.” 

Bookstore will be the first Black bookstore to open in the US.

The Boulder Black Booksellors will be open for Black sales on Black Sunday, October 19th. 

Read more about Black book stores in the U.S. and around the world. 

(Featured Image by Lisa M. Andersen) Related Stories: Colorado Bookstore to open on Black Sabbath, Black Friday (October 19, 2018) Colorado bookstores to open Black Sunday September 19, 2019 Bookseller, Editor, and Publisher Lisa M Anderson will host a conference on the Black bookstore in Boulder on Saturday September 19, 2019. 

 The first Black bookseller of its type in the nation will open on the weekend of Black Friday, October 1st in Colorado. 

This will be a special event for Black booksellers and editors in Boulder and will be streamed live on the website. 

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